Book a table at the pub

We have changed the way we book and manage tables by making use of a third-party software platform to automate the process where possible.

Please click on the link below to visit the 'Table Agent' reservation page, complete the form and the entry will be added to the database.

Bear in mind that at busy times, such as sporting events or when the band are playing, 

  • it may not be possible to book a table at X time for Y number of people
  • there may be no time slots available at all in the evening if others have reserved a table, say from 7pm, for the rest of the night
  • if you want to reserve a table that has 4 seats to watch a football match, and there will be 6 of you turning up, and if no tables are available for 6 people at that time, try reducing the number of seats you want (to 4, in this example) --- then tables might show up.  Obviously only 4 of you will be able to sit at any one time, however, but at least you'll have somewhere to rest your pint glass for the 2 standing up!
  • we may call or e-mail you to confirm precisely what table you want during busy times

Click on the green button to reserve your table