Reopening Saturday party

Registrations are closed
Opening Friday at the Sir Colin Campbell under new management

We are issuing tickets to help anticipate the numbers we can expect in the venue on this special day.

The pub will be open to all customers during the day, but between 1800 and 2030hrs we will prioritise adminission to those with tickets because we are expecting so many people that the pub will be full.  Any customers already in the pub are very welcome to stay.

Prior to this time, and afterwards, we will admit customers as normal considering that ticketed customers will be leaving at differing times and because all the speaches and what not will be over by this time.

Date & Time
Saturday April 29, 2023
Start - 18:00 (Europe/London)
Sunday April 30, 2023
End - 01:00 (Europe/London)

Sir Colin Campbell PH (events)

264-266 Kilburn High Road
United Kingdom
+44 20 3021 1831
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Sir Colin Campbell PH (events)

+44 20 3021 1831

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